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WEBnetworkONE.com - World Trade Center Frequently Asked Questions
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Attention manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and surplus resellers that want to sell their products in the United States:

eBay, the leader in on-line sales with over a million registered users is looking for providers interested in selling merchandise to its 50,000 Power Sellers

Who are the "Power Sellers"?
Among its millions of users, eBay has a particularly dedicated set of sellers. These 50,000 Power Sellers each sell at least $100,000 of merchandise a year and, lately, their biggest problem has been finding enough merchandise to sell.

What kind of products do they need?
Because of the amount of Power Sellers, almost every kind of product is in demand. Some categories for which there is established demand include:

  • Fishing Accessories,
  • Handicrafts,
  • Barbies,
  • Crosses and Scapularies,
  • Picture Frames and other Decorative Items,
  • Dolls,
  • Teddy Bears,
  • Jeans,
  • Automobile Repair Parts,
  • Inexpensive Clothes,
  • Fine Attire,
  • etc.

Remember, this is only a partial list, there is demand for a much wider range of products!
What does WEBnetworkONE offer me?
The opportunity to sell your merchandise to the 50,000 largest buyers on eBay, Americas largest Internet store.

How can I advertise my merchandise on WEBnetworkONE?
Advertising for the remainder of 2003 is simple, just register on the site or click here.

Who can advertise on WEBnetworkONE?
All manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or surplus resellers able to send their merchandise to the United States.

Is this a public site?
No. To view complete ads including the name and contact info, one must be a registered member of WEBnetworkONE. This is a private site that will not be advertised to the general public. It will only be advertised on eBay Radio on wsRadio.com and eBay pages and events directed to their Power Sellers

How are the Power Sellers going to find out about WEBnetworkONE?
WEBnetworkONE is directly supported by eBay Radio with on-air ads and banner ads leading Power Sellers to the site. eBay.com has over 100 links to the radio program and actively promotes the show at its fairs and reunions. Additionally, the importance of the radio show is stressed at all of its seminars, which are heavily attended by Power Sellers.

How much does it cost to post an ad?
The cost to place an ad until January 7, 2004 is only $300.

What information do I need to have in my ad?
You must provide the text of your ad (up to 250 words), its corresponding category, and one image (200x200 or under 35kb). In addition you should include contact info such as an email address so that Power Sellers can directly contact you.

Each ad can list several kinds of products, though we recommend only placing one product per ad to make it easier for the Power Sellers to find your ad. If you choose to have several products within an ad, we require that they all pertain to the same category.

Selling FAQS

How will the Power Sellers contact me or how can I contact one of them?
Once you become a registered member of WEBnetworkONE, you will be able to see others contact info as part of their ad. From there, you can use their email address, phone number or any other method provided.

How will I sell?
You will wholesale your products to eBays Power Sellers.

Will I have to pay commission?
No, the sale and agreement are made directly by you and the Power Seller.

How do I negotiate with Power Sellers?
Your ad will include information on how and where interested buyers can contact you and they will communicate directly with you.

Are there any middlemen?
No, unless one is requested. If you were to need help with the transportation, importation, exchange, collection, or any other aspect of the transaction, you can review the "Support Services" area and select the service provider that best suits your needs.
Who sets the price?
The price and terms of sale are arranged directly between you and your customer.

How do I receive payment?
You can arrange payment directly with the Power Sellers by traditional means like credit card, check, cash, etc. In addition, PayPal offers an account verification service that provides a secure on-line transfer and ensures sufficient funds are available. Registering on PayPal is free and simple. To register, click here.

How will I deliver the product?
You should be able to deliver your merchandise directly to the Power Seller.

What if I do not have an email account or dont check it regularly?
WEBnetworkONE can put you in contact with several importers/distributors who can serve as your representatives.

WEBnetworkONE.com cannot participate directly in any transaction or exchange.

This special offer wont last forever, so act now to take advantage of this great rate.

For more information, please contact Daniel Ajzen or call us at 619-422-4401 (From the US, call us toll-free at 866-968-7999 (1-866-your www).

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