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Ebay is the world's largest online trading community. With millions of people buying and selling millions of items each day and over $1 billion in total sales last year, it is probably the most visited e-commerce site in the world.

eBays Power Sellers (the top 50,000 sellers), sell so much that they do not have enough merchandise to meet demand. They are looking for all sorts of merchandise: clothes, electronics, toys, art crafts, and anything else that can be purchased wholesale.

To access these 50,000 eBay Power Sellers directly and efficiently, we have created WEBnetworkONE dedicated solely to bringing together manufacturers, distributors and licensors with eBay Power Sellers.

NO OTHER WEB SITE IN THE WORLD EXCLUSIVELY TARGETS POWER SELLERS. If you really want to sell to eBays 50,000 Power Sellers, advertising on WEBnetworkONE.com is not only inexpensive, but also efficient and direct.

WEBnetworkONE.com - World Trade Center is a joint effort by wsRadio.com, ebay Radio and WEBstationONE.com to help ebay sellers grow their business by helping them acquire merchandise from new sources and manufacturers.

WEBnetworkONE.com - World Trade Center is only a listing service where manufacturers, distributors and surplus companies can list their products for ebay shoppers to review them and contact them directly.

Neither WEBnetworkONE.com - World Trade Center nor any of the participating entities will participate, facilitate, review, supervise or qualify neither the buyers nor the sellers.

Of course, if at any time you find a seller or a buyer who does not fulfill its obligations in a timely and professional manner we will appreciate your telling us to post a note about it next to the listing to allow other buyers and sellers the benefit of this information.

Information sent about a seller or buyer will NOT be verified by us and will be posted under the sources name and sole responsibility.

Affected listings have the right to post a reply next to the comment but they are responsible of sending that reply to us in order for it to be properly posted.

Any conflict between any parties should be arranged and cleared by the affected parties.

Neither WEBnetworkONE.com - World Trade Center nor any of the participants will get involved in any dispute, conflict or misunderstanding.

To contact us for us to post a comment about a seller (good and bad comments are just as important) click here.

To reply to an observation posted in a listing click here.

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